Qbic III provides pre-seed funding to weave.ly

Qbic III provides pre-seed funding to weave.ly


Weave.ly is developing a pioneering no-code platform that allows for partial automation of the software development process.

Brussels, 30/09/2022- Brussels-based weave.ly, a new spin-off from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, has completed an initial capital round of €300.000. Weave.ly is developing a pioneering no-code platform that allows for partial automation of the software development process. In this way, weave.ly helps companies bring digital products and services to market faster and more effectively. Even before its full launch, the platform already has some 250 users, including a number of Flemish companies such as Pàu and Immoscoop.. The capital round was led by interuniversity seed and growth fund Qbic and completed by finance&invest.brussels. The company enjoyed the support of Start It@KBC when it was founded in late 2021.

"Offering digital products to customers is no longer a competitive advantage, user experience is" says Florian Myter, co-founder of weave.ly. "Today, unfortunately, one has to wait until after development, and thus the intervention of software developers, to test a product with users. The aim of weave.ly is to let companies bring digital products to market faster and more effectively by automatically generating working code from user-interface designs". Weave.ly thus enables designers to deliver working prototypes already in early design phases and without prior knowledge of programming. The underlying code generated then serves developers as the basis for subsequent generations of the application. "Weave.ly's plugin has huge potential for digital product development, by improving and speeding up the iterations between design and prototyping. This is why finance&invest.brussels is supporting this young innovative company in its pre-commercial phase," said Antoine Kuypers, senior financial analyst at finance&invest.brussels.

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Weave.ly fits into a recent string of new software companies (e.g. Figma, Maze) that initiated the decade of design. The Software design market is valued at $162 billion and continues to grow exponentially as companies realise the business value of design. Figma, the interface design platform that weave.ly integrates with, was recently bought by Adobe for $20 billion. This makes it Adobe's largest acquisition to date. "With this capital round, we want to support weave.ly in the initial commercialisation of the platform. We look forward to support Florian and Jesse in building a Belgian company that will become an important player in the growing software design market," according to Cédric Van Nevel, partner at Qbic.

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